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Hair Porosity: The key to understanding your hair!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is good and staying safe! Today's blog post covers hair porosity and why you NEED to understand this. What is hair porosity and why is it important? Hair porosity refers to how well your hair strands are able to absorb and hold moisture. Your hair porosity is genetic however it can be affected by chemical processing (Dying/ Relaxing) or heat. Hair porosity helps you understand your hair better, create suitable hair routines and know the best type of products to use for your hair to promote a healthy hair journey What are the types of hair porosity? 1. Low Porosity: your hair cuticles are very tightly packed together and it makes it harder for water...

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How i tackle/avoid single strand knots on 4c natural hair

Hey guys! It's Uwaye here (Founder of Crowned Mane). As a 4c girl, i struggle a lot with single knots and i have found some few ways to manage and tackle these knots to keep my hair looking cute. Here they are: 1. I never (EVER!) do 'wash & gos. I feel like alot of us 4c girls have been sold dreams about 'wash & gos' lol! but this isn't really the best state to keep our hair type. I tried this once and my hair was knot central. If you MUST do a wash & go, i suggest not keeping it in for too long ie about 2-3 days. 2. Once i have completed wash day, I stretch my hair...

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5 Haircare tips you MUST incorporate this winter!

As it gets cold, you might start to notice your hair getting super dry and maybe even breaking. With curly hair, winter means giving your curls some extra TLC. Here are some of our fave tips for getting through winter: 1. MOISTURE! MOISTURE!! MOISTURE!!! Moisture is your best friend this time of the year. You should be deep conditioning your hair at least once a week and if you have extra dry hair, consider doing this twice a week with a deep conditioner that promotes moisture. 2. Use mild shampoos If you do not already use Sulfate free shampoos, you should switch to this for the colder months. Sulfate tends to strip the moisture out of your hair and this...

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