7 tips you need to stop breakage!!

7 tips you need to stop breakage!!

Hair breakage! One of the most popular hair issues right after dry hair. You might notice this specifically when you have dyed/bleached your hair, over processed your hair or used too much heat on your hair. This post is to share a few tips which could help you prevent/avoid breakage whether you have natural or relaxed hair!


1. Moisture is key: When your hair is dry, it is more prone to breakage therefore you need to ensure you keep your hair moisturised. A few ways to keep your hair moisturised are:


a. Use a Sulfate free shampoo. This helps cleanse your scalp/hair without stripping out the natural oils


b. Oil is not a moisturiser so you need to be using water based leave in conditioners and moisturisers instead. The oil would serve as a sealant (see below).


c. Always use an oil to seal the moisture into your hair after using your leave in conditioner and/or moisturiser. Castor oil is an amazing sealant especially for very dry hair.


2. Protein treatments: These are great for strengthening your hair, repairing damage and restoring elasticity. I would recommend using a protein treatment once a month. Over use of protein treatments could lead to protein overload which leaves your hair looking stringy and brittle. It ends up giving you the opposite of what you need!


3. Avoid bleaching your hair! Bleaching is never good for your hair, it get your hair very dry, brittle and damaged. Get a coloured wig or braids if you would like that bleached look or really bright colours.


4. Avoid tight hairstyles- braids, ponytails! These put too much pressure on your hair particularly more delicate areas like your edges and this would lead to breakage. It could also lead to Traction Alopecia.


5. You should use satin bonnets, scarves or pillowcases. If you sleep directly on cotton, there would be friction between your hair and the cotton (which absorbs moisture). The satin helps reduce that friction and therefore breakage.


6. Avoid heat as much as possible. You should air dry your hair as much as possible. If you absolutely need to use heat, make sure you use a heat protector.


7. Never leave your protective style in too long as this can end up leading to breakage. I always recommend leaving your braids/weave in no more than 6-8 weeks. While your protective style is in, you need to ensure you are taking care of your hair properly. Check out our blog post on how to take care of your hair in a protective style for tips to keep your hair healthy.


You might be wondering what products would be best to help with repairing damage and stopping breakage, we have curated a collection of the best products to help with this. You can now shop by products for breakage. Also, you can shop by products for dry hair, products for hair growth and Anti-frizz products

 I hope this has been helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to share with a friend! 

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