Hair Porosity: The key to understanding your hair!

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I hope everyone is good and staying safe! Today's blog post covers hair porosity and why you NEED to understand this.


What is hair porosity and why is it important?

Hair porosity refers to how well your hair strands are able to absorb and hold moisture. Your hair porosity is genetic however it can be affected by chemical processing (Dying/ Relaxing) or heat.


Hair porosity helps you understand your hair better, create suitable hair routines and know the best type of products to use for your hair to promote a healthy hair journey


What are the types of hair porosity?

1. Low Porosity: your hair cuticles are very tightly packed together and it makes it harder for water and moisture to enter your hair strands. Products tends to sit on top your strands rather than get absorbed and lead to build up.


2. Normal Porosity: your hair cuticles are loose with no holes and gaps. This allows enough moisture to enter the hair and be retained. This type of hair needs little maintenance.


3. High Porosity: your hair cuticles have wide holes and gaps which allows moisture to easily enter the hair but also escape. This type of hair requires more products to lock the moisture in. Your hair can become high porosity from chemical processing and heat treatments.


How to determine your hair porosity

You will need a glass of room temperature water and a strand of hair. I would recommend doing this test after washing your hair so there is no product or build up. Add the strand of hair into the cup of water and leave for 5 minutes. There are 3 potential results


1. Hair floats: This signifies low porosity hair


2. Hair gradually sinks: This signifies normal porosity hair


3. Hair immediately sinks: This signifies high porosity hair


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