How i tackle/avoid single strand knots on 4c natural hair

How i tackle/avoid single strand knots on 4c natural hair

Hey guys!


It's Uwaye here (Founder of Crowned Mane). As a 4c girl, i struggle a lot with single knots and i have found some few ways to manage and tackle these knots to keep my hair looking cute. Here they are:


1. I never (EVER!) do 'wash & gos. I feel like alot of us 4c girls have been sold dreams about 'wash & gos' lol! but this isn't really the best state to keep our hair type. I tried this once and my hair was knot central. If you MUST do a wash & go, i suggest not keeping it in for too long ie about 2-3 days.


2. Once i have completed wash day, I stretch my hair using heatless method (eg braid/twist outs, threading) if i plan on keeping my hair out in a puff or fro.


3. When going to bed, i try to keep my hair in 2 or 4 plaits or twists and use a satin scarf/bonnet.


4. When my hair is out, i try to detangle weekly. I use water and castor oil then finger/comb detangle


5. Protective styling is also really good for preventing knots. I personally love medium size twists as i can do them myself at home.


Do you have any other tips for single strand knots? Let us know in the comments!

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