5 Haircare tips you MUST incorporate this winter!

5 Haircare tips you MUST incorporate this winter!

As it gets cold, you might start to notice your hair getting super dry and maybe even breaking. With curly hair, winter means giving your curls some extra TLC. Here are some of our fave tips for getting through winter:



Moisture is your best friend this time of the year. You should be deep conditioning your hair at least once a week and if you have extra dry hair, consider doing this twice a week with a deep conditioner that promotes moisture.


2. Use mild shampoos

If you do not already use Sulfate free shampoos, you should switch to this for the colder months. Sulfate tends to strip the moisture out of your hair and this should be avoided at this time of the year. Some Crowned Mane favourites which clean your scalp thoroughly but still retain moisture: Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo and Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo


3. Seal your hair

You need a heavy oil or butter to seal in the moisture in your hair. Castor and Argan oil help keep moisture locked in.

4. Satin lined hats

Wearing satin lined hats to keep warm would help prevent your hair drying out and breaking. You can also used satin scarves or bonnets under your winter hats.

5. Protective styles

Keeping your hair in a protective style during the colder months is paramount. This could be in the form of braids, buns, plaits. The most important point is keeping your ends tucked away.


What are some of your tips to get through winter?

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