Nadia Esi Hair Growth Elixir 60ml

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Our Hair Growth Elixir is carefully blended with Golden Castor Oil and Perfectly Pure Peppermint.


This plant infusion is packed with vitamins and minerals that are well known for their hair Strengthening and Growth stimulating properties.


As well as using the Hair Growth Elixir on the scalp it can be used as a lightweight moisturiser on hair strands, transforming dry hair to HYDRATED hair.


Treat your precious hair today with an oil it will love for life! 

NO Parabens
NO Alcohols
NO Sulfates
YES Castor oil – Rich in Vitamin E and Antioxidants
YES Peppermint oil – Stimulating and anti-inflammatory
YES Cruelty free – we don’t hurt animals


How to use
Use daily on problem areas such as bald/thinning hair and/or 3-4 times a week on the whole scalp